MonaLisa speaks on personal branding, personal packaging and building an extraordinary profile. Known for her inspiring and engaging talks, MonaLisa’s audiences learn how to become recognised for who they are, their expertise and the unique value they provide. MonaLisa’s audiences leave the room feeling empowered to take action to become their best self and to make an impact on the world.

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Define Yourself - Building Your Powerful Personal Brand
In today’s fiercely competitive and hyper-connected digital age, with over three billion of us connected to each other on the internet and constantly sharing an incredible amount of information quickly, being recognised for who you are, what you stand for and your expertise is incredibly important for your personal and professional success. To stand well above your competition and be recognised for your expertise, or to become the leading voice of your profession or industry, or to sell or lead something, you’ll need to define yourself, to ensure that:
* others perceptions of you lines up to who you are,
* others understand the unique value you provide, and
* how your personal experiences, insights and skills set can add value in a given context.


In this thought-provoking talk, MonaLisa Chukwuma – author of Define Yourself & Become the Architect of Your Future – will discuss strategies for building a powerful, compelling and enduring personal brand. A brand that will help you increase your visibility, credibility and recognition.




  • a personal brand will benefit you
  • to overcome self or other imposed barriers and limitations
  • to identify your true essence and authentic nature
  • to define and develop your personal brand
  • to package your personal brand
  • to distribute your personal brand
  • to live your personal brand 24/7/365
Building an Extraordinary Profile for Women Leaders
There is a big deficit of women at the higher levels of decision making in many parts of our world. I believe that it will be good for our lives and our world, if important decisions about women default to women – decisions about our biochemistry, our reproductive and sexual health, family and partner status, and so on. To reduce some our global despair, we need to step up and be part of the discuss and the solution to the issues that affect us. We have greater understanding of these issues and are therefore best placed to advocate possible solutions.
Whether you’re to become the next President of your country, CEO of your company, or a mother of a small family, we need extraordinary women in all parts of our world, who are committed to providing outstanding value for others, engaged in resolving the important issues confronting humanity and most importantly to helping and supporting other women. Because even with the great strides that we’ve made in the last 100 years, there are girls and women in many parts of our world who still face appalling persecution, degradation and destruction on a daily basis.


In this thought-provoking talk, MonaLisa Chukwuma – author of Define Yourself & Become the Architect of Your Future – will discuss:

  • what makes an extraordinary profile – the common threads that run through most profiles of greatness, and
  • the elements that you need at the minimum to build an extraordinary profile.




  • use personal branding to create an image that will have an impact on your world. You need to know your points of difference and how you can use what makes you unique and different to achieve your highest purpose, make your supreme contribution and live an extraordinary life.
  • create a flattering and appropriate personal packaging that is compatible with who you are – your personal brand, your personality and your aspirations.
  • use personal publicity to put yourself on the world stage, so that you can play a central role in creating solutions to some of the important problems we are currently facing.
Ageing Gracefully & Healthily
Irrespective of what some of society may be saying, after forty is
the best season for your intellectual and artistic activities, enhanced greatly by the wealth of your experience. This is your time to use your wealth of experience to educate, inspire and empower the next generation.


However, the older we get the more maintenance we need. It is cute to look scruffy at seventeen but at forty-seven or fifty-seven, it communicates lack of self esteem. Meticulous styling, care and maintenance, a good diet and exercise are the difference between a fifty-year old that looks forty and a forty-year old that looks fifty. To stay healthy, vital and attractive after forty, you need to be fastidious about your appearance. Fitness, nutrition and plenty of rest are crucial at this age. If your business and social life is very active, you’ve got to pace yourself. Too many business meetings and social meet-ups with little or no time to rest and recover between events will accelerate your ageing.

As the years roll on, our body begins to show our age visually. There are tell tale signs that reveal the age and health of our skin and body. In this inspiring talk, personal packaging expert MonaLisa Chukwuma will discuss concrete strategies for looking healthy, vital and attractive at any age.




  • to care, protect and rejuvenate your skin
  • to have more energy, lose weight if needed and maintain your optimum weight and proportions with the right nutrition and exercise
  • a positive attitude and plenty of rest will help your skin and body stay healthy and younger
  • to dress yourself adroitly
  • to use styling to give yourself the distinction you need to stand out
  • to choose a body wash and perfume that makes you smell youthful and vibrant, not old and dated





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