Define Yourself is the ultimate guide for building and leveraging a powerful personal brand for anyone wanting to increase their visibility, credibility and recognition in today’s diverse, fiercely competitive and hyper-connected digital age. Personal branding expert, MonaLisa Chukwuma guides the reader through the branding process using the four strands of the personal branding DNA. Define and develop, package, distribute and live your personal brand – these are the four strands of the personal branding DNA upon which powerful, compelling and enduring personal brands are built.


Filled with inspiring quotes from others with strong personal brands, this book challenges and encourages the reader to overcome any self or other imposed barriers and limitations, expand their vision, create a life of value, and most importantly become their best self.







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“A compelling and utterly riveting read. If you’re keen to discover how you can build your personal brand so that it elevates you and defines you as a genuine person of influence buy this book. It will take you far. From the first chapter it’s packed with proven tips, ideas and strategies that you can implement with a little effort and self belief.”
Dee Blick FCIM, Chartered Marketer, #1 international bestselling author


“Define Yourself” provides a powerful step-by-step guide to building the life we really want for ourselves rather than what others expect of us. MonaLisa provides a straight-forward and compelling read to show us how to have a clear understanding of who we are and our unique qualities so we can use these qualities to enhance the value of our own life as well as others. Her book is well structured, packed full of practical advice, self-help exercises and inspiring quotes from people who have been successful in establishing and are living their own personal brands.

This is a special book, which will help a lot of people in the world.It will open peoples’ eyes and hearts to seeing themselves more clearly and to being motivated to achieve their goals and live their dreams; by being the person they truly are. Her book gives us a powerful statement about being authentic and a comprehensive guide of how to be your best, expand your horizon and learn to stand out from the competition by focusing on what makes you special. The book encourages us to do our inner work and to find what is our one unique word so that we can be that word in everything we do. My recommendation is to order your copy right now before you miss out!”
Wendy Yorke, Cross Cultural, Diversity & Inclusion Trainer and author


“This insightful book has very cleverly and subtly shown how you need to start the branding process with yourself. The exercises are practical, clever and easy to do. Once read, not only do you differentiate yourself, but also now, you can only be different.”
Robert Frith, Author of ‘Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur’


“This book is a gem! It is on point, relevant and well thought through.
Whether you are a politician, business person, actor, musician, or an everyday person wanting to achieve; this book wills you to question yourself and refocus. The quotes encourage you to re evaluate and the text is thoughtful, interesting and inspiring.
When only half way through the book, I was compelled to contact the author MonaLisa Chukwuma and book myself in for a personal branding workshop. I think many others will do the same after reading this. Buy this book. You won’t be disappointed.”
Okunola, Singer


“Authoritative, easy to follow and essential reading for anyone in business.”
Ben Kench, Author of ‘Selling for Dummies’


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