Define-yourself-3D-Feb-17_aIn today’s fiercely competitive and hyper-connected digital age, with over three billion of us connected to each other on the internet and constantly sharing an incredible amount of information quickly, it is increasingly difficult for an individual to stand out and be recognised for his or her expertise. If you want to stand well above your competition and be recognised for your expertise, or to become the leading voice of your profession or industry, or to sell or lead something, having a distinctive and compelling personal brand is incredibly important.

Define Yourself provides a transformational pathway for anyone who wants to harness the power of a compelling personal brand to increase his or her visibility, credibility and recognition. Consider this book your blueprint for building and leveraging a powerful personal brand to achieve your life’s vision, purpose and goals.

Author and personal branding expert, MonaLisa Chukwuma guides you through the personal branding process using the four strands of the personal branding DNA upon which powerful, compelling and enduring brands are built. Filled with inspiring quotes from others with strong personal brands, this book challenges and encourages you to overcome any self or other imposed barriers and limitations, expand your vision, create a life of value, and most importantly become your best self.





MonaLisa Chukwuma uses a powerful mix of personal branding, packaging and publicity – the three strands of the excellence DNA – to help others build extraordinary profiles.

MonaLisa is passionate about helping others become extraordinary and to think bigger about what they can offer the world.

MonaLisa helps her diverse range of clients to:

  • take control of their personal brand
  • build an attractive personal packaging
  • develop a personal publicity plan to share their compelling brand

MonaLisa has written two books – Define Yourself and the forthcoming Be Your Own Brand – to support others on the road to a better understanding of who they are, what their supreme contribution to the world should be, and how to use this contribution to become extraordinary and impact the world.



A photographer who sees and reacts with all the instincts of a playwright and theatre director – an eye for detail and for visual imagination.

MonaLisa’s creative emphasis is on fine art portraiture, nature and wildlife photography. MonaLisa shoots photography projects in the UK, Europe and Africa. Whilst I’ve fallen madly in love with nature and wildlife photography in recent years, my main subject remains the individual – at once strong and soft, intimate and distant, hopeful and despairing.

Fear, desire, love all reside within. It’s these elements and contrary forces within us that I fall in love with and which makes the image of a person more powerful than any other.

I’m not interested in producing an image that merely resembles a person or simply identifies him or her as part of a relationship or group. For me, a portrait requires depth. My goal is to make my subjects mystery manifest. What I seek to translate is the energy and interior qualities of the individual – qualities of entity rather than identity.

Whether I’m shooting a commissioned or a conceptual portrait, I always begin with a style analysis and a chat. I want my subjects to wear something that is really them. I like them to tell me their expectations, what impresses them and I watch their body language – how they move, sit, lean – which tells me a lot more. This process provides the building block for each portrait and creates an environment in which my imagination is heightened and moments of truth and grace are able to colour my finished product.

In every shoot, there’s always that magical moment, when I have a sense of Wow! as I’m suddenly presented with something that was not immediately visible to my eyes. I always put myself, if only briefly into the scene to delineate that little bit extra that is still not available to me. My idea from the beginning to the end is to create a portrait that is grounded in comfort and aesthetics, a portrait that is only about my subject and nothing else and to turn this portrait into an object that can be displayed – a very beautiful object.

MonaLisa Web Final002_miniMonaLisa travels extensively to speak at business, educational, entertainment and non profit events across the UK and Africa on personal branding, packaging and building an extraordinary profile.

For me, the essence of life is about being as innovative, authentic and as inspiring as you can be. I want to be a real protagonist of my time – to make a valid contribution to other peoples’ lives through my work. My biggest aspiration is to help people to understand and like ‘who they are’ and to think bigger about what they can offer the world.
I believe in taking chances, in building my own path in life and in living my passion. When I’m not working, I love to cook, read, explore London, other cities and unknown places. I am addicted to learning about myself, about others and about life.




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